Morning Moon over Kensington

Morning Moon over Kensington - Final

Morning Moon over Kensington, Sep 2014, Oil on Wood, 48″ x 24″

I did a small draft of this painting earlier this spring, and finally did the final version. This is done on a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood I bought at Home Depot. The painting is meant to be an “outside painting,” something one would hang in a patio, an entryway, by the pool, etc.

Now I have to look for a suitable heavy-duty frame, like barn wood or drift wood, or even metal. Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Morning Moon over Kensington

    • Interesting idea.
      Generally, I find that a frame dresses up a painting and makes it somehow look more “substantial.” But making this first step can never hurt. I can always frame it later again. Thanks for the idea.

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