Featured Artist: Michaela Challal

Eltern (Parents) - by Michaela Challal

Eltern (Parents) – by Michaela Challal

The artist Michaela Challal is my sister. The painting is fashioned after a photograph of our parents out for a walk many years ago. Here is some more of her recent work.


2 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Michaela Challal

  1. I love this painting. Do you mean that this is your real genetic sister? If so, I am impressed that the two of you would develop like this, separated by an ocean. Did you influence her at all, your example? Did she influence you?

    • Micha is one of my sisters, yes. Many of my siblings have artistic inclinations. Micha paints, Manu is into theater, Margit paints (or used to), I think Martina does too. No, there is most likely no influence in either direction between myself and Micha. We developed our passion completely independently – as far as I can tell.

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